Immigration to Europe through Real Estate Investment: The Path to Temporary and Permanent Residency

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Residency in Europe through Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment in Europe in 2024 continues to be a stable trend among international investors as a means of efficient, reliable, and profitable capital investment.

Most are not only focused on securing a reliable income source from rentals but also see it as a way to obtain residency in Europe through real estate purchase and have a second home for living or vacationing with the whole family.

In many European countries, there are special immigration programs that grant residency and citizenship through property purchase. Golden Visa programs offer a unique opportunity to become a European resident through real estate acquisition.

Obtaining residency through real estate investment is a popular and reliable way to move to Europe. This process not only allows relocation to a country with a high standard of living but also enables profitable investment in prestigious real estate.

Benefits of Buying Real Estate in Europe

Investing in real estate in Europe offers numerous advantages, including:

In this article, we will discuss the best countries for immigration through real estate investment, as well as the steps to obtain residency and citizenship.

In Which European Countries Can You Obtain Residency Through Real Estate Investment?


Not all European countries have legislation that includes special programs allowing residency status through real estate investment. Moreover, over the past two years, there has been a trend where some countries are removing real estate purchase from the options for obtaining residency, leaving options such as business investment and local employment.

In 2024, the most popular programs and countries that still offer the opportunity to obtain residency through real estate investment are Cyprus, Greece, and Malta. These countries continue to attract international investors due to their stable and beneficial immigration programs.

Malta stands out in particular, offering the opportunity not only to obtain residency but also European Union citizenship through real estate investment. To do this, one must purchase property worth at least 700,000 euros. Learn more about obtaining Maltese citizenship

CYPRUS – Investments from 300,000 Euros

Investing in real estate in Cyprus is an excellent opportunity to acquire a second home and make a profitable investment. By investing in property in Cyprus, you and your family have the opportunity to become residents of the country with permanent residency status. This opens the doors to a safe and comfortable life in the EU.

The Cypriot investment program, known as the “Cyprus Golden Visa,” allows obtaining permanent residency in Cyprus through investments starting from 300,000 euros in residential or commercial real estate.

You immediately receive indefinite Cypriot permanent residency, which leads to citizenship and a Cypriot passport.

The Cypriot program offers numerous advantages:

Learn more! How to obtain Cyprus Permanent Residency in 2024

GREECE – Investments from 400,000 Euros

By purchasing real estate in Greece, you can obtain Greek residency through the Greece Golden Visa program. In 2024, the minimum investment threshold for obtaining residency is set at 400,000 euros. The applicant and their family receive permanent residency immediately for 5 years with the right to extension.

In 2024, the Greece Golden Visa ranked second in the world’s most attractive investment migration programs.

Investments can be directed towards newly built, new, or existing residential or commercial properties. Property owners in Greece are allowed to rent out their properties, generating additional income. Real estate can be registered under a company, opening up even more business opportunities.

Housing prices in Greece continue to rise, making real estate investments even more attractive and profitable.

After residing in Greece for 7 years, foreign investors can apply for Greek citizenship. The Greek passport is one of the best in the world, providing visa-free access to 185 countries. Learn more details about the Greece Golden Visa program.

MALTA – Investments from 300,000 Euros

Malta offers an excellent opportunity to obtain a 5-year Schengen residency with the right to renewal. You can purchase property in Malta starting from 300,000 €, supplementing the purchase with government fees and contributions totaling 70,000 euros. This option provides you and your family with permanent residence in the EU, with numerous benefits such as the ability to freely travel within the Schengen zone and access to high living standards.

The advantages of obtaining residency in Malta are numerous.

Firstly, permanent resident status is granted for life, with the card renewed every 5 years.

Secondly, there is no requirement for permanent residence in the country, giving you freedom of movement.

Thirdly, the right to obtain residency extends to four generations: the applicant, spouse, children, parents, grandparents, ensuring comfort and stability for all generations.

Learn more about Malta residency and all its benefits on our website!


Previously, the Golden Visa program through property investment was extremely popular in Portugal. However, since October 2023, investing in residential or commercial real estate is no longer a way to obtain the Golden Visa.

Despite this, there are still many alternative routes. Purchasing property in Portugal can now be an advantage for obtaining other types of residency permits, such as residency for financially independent foreigners, visas for entrepreneurs, and visas for digital nomads.

For example, one of the key requirements for obtaining residency for financially independent foreigners in Portugal is property ownership or rental. Owning property in Portugal will be a significant advantage when applying for residency, greatly increasing your chances of success.

Learn more about immigration and relocation to Portugal in 2024


Spain has also initiated the process of abolishing the “Golden Visa” program for foreign investors in real estate, which granted a three-year residency permit with the right of renewal.

In April 2024, the Council of Ministers approved the cessation of issuing residency permits in exchange for property purchases of €500,000 or more. Property investment was the most popular option for obtaining Spain’s Golden Visa, but it no longer leads directly to residency.

However, owning property in Spain remains an advantage for obtaining other types of residency permits. There are various alternative routes to obtaining residency status in Spain, including residency for financially independent foreigners, programs for entrepreneurs, other Golden Visa options, as well as residency for digital nomads.

To choose the optimal program, consult the lawyers of our international company, Feod Group! Our team of experienced lawyers and immigration specialists will provide you with comprehensive support and professional assistance in obtaining residency status in the European Union.



Here are the steps to obtain residency through real estate

The stages of obtaining a residence permit (residency) or permanent residency (permanent residence) through real estate investment in each country may have their own specifics and differences, but generally, they involve the following process:

Recommendations Before Investing


Before investing in real estate to obtain residency or permanent residency, it is essential to consult with experienced lawyers and specialists. They will help assess all risks and opportunities, as well as select the optimal property option according to your goals and financial capabilities. Timely consultation and thorough analysis will help avoid unforeseen difficulties and make the most efficient use of investments.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Property in Europe

There are several legal issues to consider when buying property. One of them is the tax implications for the buyer. Each country will have financial consequences that you need to check, including:

In addition, when choosing real estate, it is important to pay attention to several other aspects:

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Trust the professionals at our company, Feod Group! We will help you choose the perfect investment program and provide full legal support at every stage of the property purchasing process.


What are the benefits of obtaining residency and citizenship in Europe through real estate investment?

Obtaining residency and citizenship through real estate investment offers numerous advantages. Investors and their families gain all the rights of residents of the chosen country, including access to educational and medical institutions. Additionally, it allows diversification of your investment portfolio; generates stable rental income; and creates a “safety net” in the form of a second home or vacation spot.

What type of real estate should you buy to obtain residency and citizenship in Europe?

To obtain residency and citizenship, you need to purchase real estate that meets the minimum investment requirements of the chosen program. This can include residential or commercial properties located in specific regions. Each country sets its criteria regarding the type of property and minimum investment amount.

Is it worth buying property in Europe?

Buying property in Europe has always been a reliable and profitable capital investment tool, as well as a way to diversify assets.

Investors continue to purchase real estate in Europe for several reasons. Many buyers see no other option but to invest in real estate, as investing in stocks can be too risky due to their volatility, and bonds are expensive, with their yields still fluctuating at low levels.

Rental income from real estate can be several percent (5-10%)—a good return compared to many other assets.

Another reason to buy property in Europe is to obtain immigration status. This could be residency for buying property in Europe or even permanent residency (permanent residence) and citizenship.

In turn, resident status in Europe offers many advantages to foreigners: the right to reside permanently in the chosen country, access to national healthcare and education, the ability to bring your family, start a business, and optimize taxes.

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In 2006 graduated from the National Aviation University (NAU), Kiev with a degree in Philology, Translation. Irina Lugina has many years of successful work experience in large companies with a voluminous workflow. Within Feod Group specializes in:
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