Visa and immigration to Portugal

Feod Group provides full legal support for immigration and obtaining a residence permit in Portugal

Immigration services:

✔ Obtaining a long-term visa to Portugal
✔ Obtaining a residence permit and citizenship
✔ Portugal Golden Visa
✔ Obtaining a long-term student visa
✔ Representation clients’ interests at the Embassy or SEF by a Portuguese advocate
✔ Professional assistance after refusal of a visa to Portugal


Legal and business services in Portugal:

✔ Registration of a company in Portugal, accountant services
✔ Registration of company in International Business Centre of Madeira
✔ Opening a personal and company bank accounts in Portugal
✔ Rent and purchase of real estate in all regions of Portugal
✔ Buying an existing and active business in Portugal
✔ Confirmation of the legality of the source of funds


Feod Group work in conjunction with Portuguese advocates



Feod Group lawyer in Portugal Vasco Miguel Barros Leal Cardoso

Immigration to Portugal:


Portugal is one of the most popular European countries for immigration, and the government strongly promotes this issue.

The benefits of living in Portugal

Options for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal and tax resident status

✔ Residence permit without investment as a financially independent foreigner
✔ Golden Visa (immigration to Portugal based on investment)
✔ Business immigration to Portugal. Startup visa.
✔ Work immigration to Portugal
✔ Tax resident in Portugal
✔ Obtaining permanent residence and Portuguese citizenship



    Residence permit in Portugal without investment as a financially independent foreigner


    This emigration program to Portugal is ideal for IT professionals, programmers, seafarers and other professionals in the liberal professions, as well as for entrepreneurs with passive income.

    This is a type of residence permit in Portugal without the right to work, therefore you require a stable and reliable source of income from outside of Portugal.

    The Portuguese D7 visa allows applicants to reside in Portugal for more than 90 days a year.

    D7 visa benefits

    ✔ no requirements for buying real estate or investments
    ✔ moving to Portugal for permanent residence and citizenship after 6 years
    ✔ the ability to apply for a residence permit for the whole family
    ✔ no requirements for knowledge of the Portuguese language

    Conditions for obtaining a residence permit for financially independent persons in Portugal:

    Permanent residence in Portugal for investors
    (Golden Visa)


    Portugal Golden visa is an immigration government program for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal by investment for citizens of countries outside the EU.

    Residence permits became valid for two years (previously one year) and the subsequent permits became valid for three years.

    After 5 years, the investor and his family are eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit in Portugal, provided that the respective investment is maintained.

    Investment options for obtaining the Portugal Golden Visa

    1. Real estate

    * From January 1, 2022, it will be possible to participate in the program of obtaining a residence permit in Portugal for investment by purchasing real estate located in the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira or in the interior.
    Thus, it will no longer be possible to combine real estate investments in Lisbon, Porto or the Algarve with a Golden Visa application.

    2. Investment in business

    3. Investment fund – from 350,000 euros (from 01.01.2022 the amount will increase to 500,000 euros)

    4. Capital transfer – € 1 million (From 2022, the amount of the capital transfer will change from € 1 million to € 1.5 million.)

    5. Financial contribution



      Business immigration to Portugal.
      Start-up in Portugal.


      Portugal is included in the list of “Best Tax Residences in Europe” and is considered one of the best countries for doing business, focused only on the European market, but also internationally.

      There are also a number of positive factors for business immigration to Portugal:

      Citizens of non-EU countries have the opportunity to enter Portugal to carry out independent business activities, provided that they fulfill the following conditions:

      Start-up visa in Portugal

      The Portuguese Ministry of Economy has launched the Startup Visa to Portugal program, which provides an opportunity for people from non-EU countries to open a branch of their startup in Portugal or start one from scratch.

      The main criteria for a startup in Portugal:

      The Portuguese Startup Visa Immigration Program for companies has no time limits – an application can be submitted at any time of the year. It can be issued in Portuguese or English and sent online through a special form on the official website.


      Work immigration to Portugal


      Intra-corporate transferees (ICT)

      Intra-corporate transferees (ICT) is a program designed for managers and employees of a company headquartered outside Portugal and other EU countries.

      In accordance with this program, an employee of the parent company is transferred under a simplified scheme to a branch of a company registered in one of the countries of the European Union.

      EU Blue Card

      The EU Blue Card is a residence permit that allows its holder to live and engage in highly qualified work in Portugal.

      Blue Card requirements

      We provide professional services for the preparation and support of documents for working immigration to Portugal


      Tax resident in Portugal


      A tax resident is an individual or a legal entity that, according to the legislation, is subject to taxation therein based on its place of residence, permanent residence or place of registration for a legal entity.

      Tax resident status does not oblige or require a change of citizenship.

      Portugal offers low corporate tax (Madeira -5%) and special non-habitual resident status.

      The non-habitual residents’ regime is in effect for 10 years.

      During the non-habitual resident regime, some income is taxed at a reduced rate or completely exempt from taxation.
      • 0% tax on income from outside Portugal and 20% flat tax on income from Portuguese sources
      • 0% on income from dividends, interest and royalties
      • 10% tax on foreign pensions
      • 0% wealth tax
      • Preferential tax treatment for the purchase of real estate, sale and payment of the annual fee
      • Preferential tax treatment for gifts and inheritance


      Permanent residence and Portuguese citizenship


      Obtaining permanent residence in Portugal

      After living in Portugal for 5 years, you can legally apply for a permanent residence permit for a period of five years, and which can subsequently be renewed for the same period.

      Obtaining Portuguese citizenship

      Portuguese citizens are also citizens of the European Union and can freely move around the EU countries without a visa. They also have the right to live, work, study and do business in any country of the European Union.

      Portuguese citizenship legislation provides for the possibility of obtaining citizenship on the basis of birth, origin, marriage or through naturalization.

      How to obtain Portuguese citizenship and passport:

      The roads to naturalization can be:

      Immigration lawyers Feod Group will provide you with professional assistance at all stages of the renewal of immigration status and obtaining Portuguese citizenship

      Is it possible with a Portuguese residence permit to move freely around the EU and Schengen countries?

      Yes, the holder of a Portuguese residence permit has the right to visa-free entry and movement within all Schengen countries in Europe.

      How to renew a residence permit in Portugal?

      To extend the residence permit in Portugal, you need to submit an application and supporting documents to SEF authority several months before the expiration of the current permit. The application can be submitted on-line.

      What is the taxation in Portugal and the conditions for the onset of tax residency?

      Taxes in Portugal:
      Please note that the rate of fees and taxes in the mainland of Portugal is different than in Madeira.

      • 5% corporate tax rate in Madeira or 21% – rate in mainland Portugal.
      • 3 VAT rates: standard (23%), average (13%) and concessional (6%).
      • Dividends – 0%, 25%, 35%
      • 0.3% to 0.8% – the annual property tax rate depends on the region where the property is located.
      • 0.8% – stamp duty on the purchase or sale of real estate. Charged once.

      You can become a tax resident in Portugal if you have lived for more than 183 days in a calendar year and have a centre of vital interests in Portugal.

      How to apply for Portuguese citizenship?

      To obtain Portuguese citizenship and Passport, you must legally reside in the country for 6 or more years. Portugal allows multiple citizenships, you do not have to give up your first citizenship and a Portuguese passport can be issued additionally.

      Article author

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      Visas and Immigration
      In 2006 graduated from the National Aviation University (NAU), Kiev with a degree in Philology, Translation. Irina Lugina has many years of successful work experience in large companies with a voluminous workflow. Within Feod Group specializes in: visa support by category for financially ...
      In 2006 graduated from the National Aviation University (NAU), Kiev with a degree in Philology, Translation. Irina Lugina has many years of successful work experience in large companies with a voluminous workflow. Within Feod Group specializes in:
      • visa support by category for financially independent foreigners, visas for entrepreneurs and investors in the EU, Great Britain and the USA.
      • preparation and compliance of packages of documents for registration of companies in low-tax jurisdictions, opening bank accounts.
      • obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence in Ukraine on the basis of marriage and through company registration.
      Speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English
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      Full range of legal services in Portugal


      Feod Group provides a full range of services for the program of immigration to Portugal:

      Feod Group also provides its clients with related services to relocation and orientation in the country: family relocation to Portugal, enrollment of children into private and state schools and Universities.



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