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Cypriot citizenship: conditions and benefits

According to European law, a Cypriot passport is treated the same as any other European passport. With a Cyprus passport, you can live both in Cyprus and in any other EU country, and also freely move around Europe, study and work, and apply for social assistance. And your children will be able to obtain European citizenship by birth.

Benefits of a Cyprus passport

Freedom of Movement

A Cyprus passport gives you the freedom to choose where you live – whether in Cyprus or any other EU country. Cypriot passport holders also have the freedom to travel to 178 countries, including 138 visa-exempt countries, 34 Visa On Arrival (VOA) countries, and 6 Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) countries.

✅ High standard of living

Cyprus is known for its economic stability, providing a high level of social benefits to its citizens.

Future for children

Cypriot citizens pass on the benefits of their status to their children, giving them the opportunity to automatically acquire European citizenship by birth.

✅ Second citizenship

Cyprus allows dual citizenship, which allows you to avoid giving up your first one. Obtaining a second Cypriot citizenship gives you not only the power of choice, but also the flexibility to manage your status and assets.

Business and financial benefits

You can open and conduct business in more than one country while being a full citizen there. Banks are also more flexible and do not impose such strict requirements on their citizens. Like other citizens of the European Union, you have ample opportunities for freely buying and selling real estate, obtaining loans and obtaining mortgages with favorable interest rates.

✅ Tax benefits

Cyprus offers a favorable tax system for individuals and businesses, with lower rates than other EU countries. For example, individuals pay income tax on a progressive scale from 20% to 35%, while in other countries such as France the rate can be as high as 45% and in Portugal up to 48%.

✅ Social security and European pension

Citizens of Cyprus are provided with free government health care upon registration in the national social insurance system.

As a Cypriot citizen, you are also entitled to a European pension, unemployment benefits and other social benefits.

How to obtain Cypriot citizenship

It is possible to obtain citizenship and a Cyprus passport on the following grounds:

✓ By origin
Those who were born abroad after 16 August 1960 and whose father was a Cypriot citizen at the time of birth, as well as those born after 11 June 1999 whose mother was a Cypriot citizen at the time of their birth, are eligible to claim Cypriot citizenship by descent.

✓ Cypriot citizenship through marriage
If you are the spouse of a Cypriot citizen, you must have been married for at least 3 years and lived in Cyprus for 2 years before applying for citizenship.
If your Cypriot spouse resides abroad, you are also entitled to obtain Cypriot citizenship by marriage after at least 3 years. In this case, the couple must provide an explanatory letter and indicate compelling reasons why Cypriot citizenship is requested. If the couple has been married for 5 years and has at least one child together, then no explanation is required.

✓ Through permanent residence in Cyprus – naturalization
Obtaining Cypriot citizenship through naturalization depends on the length of stay on the island. A foreign citizen can apply for Cypriot citizenship after living in Cyprus for 4 to 7 years, depending on specific conditions. Before submitting an application, the foreigner must have resided legally in Cyprus continuously for a year.

Conditions and requirements for naturalization in Cyprus

In order to obtain Cypriot citizenship by naturalization, a foreigner must first obtain a residence permit, and after 4 or 7 years apply for Cypriot citizenship.

Obtaining Cyprus citizenship under an accelerated program for highly qualified specialists

In June 2023, a bill was introduced to the Parliament of Cyprus to introduce a simplified procedure for granting Cypriot citizenship. This new procedure is intended for highly paid third country professionals working in Cyprus for Cypriot or international companies.

On November 30, 2023, a Parliament meeting was held in Cyprus, and the “Law on Granting Citizenship to Highly Qualified Foreign Specialists in an Expedited Procedure” was approved.

According to the changes, workers from third countries now have the right to obtain Cypriot citizenship in 4-5 years (depending on the level of knowledge of the Greek language), instead of the current 7 years.

Thanks to this Act, many employees and their families will be able to obtain European citizenship within a few years, making Cyprus a very attractive destination for those seeking an EU passport.

Basic conditions for obtaining Cypriot citizenship after 4-5 years for foreign employees:

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General conditions for obtaining Cypriot citizenship through naturalization

Dual citizenship in Cyprus

In Cyprus, dual citizenship is permitted by law.

Therefore, a foreigner may not renounce his first citizenship and obtain a Cyprus Passport as a second one.

Also, the legislation does not oblige Cypriot citizens who have acquired another citizenship to renounce their Cypriot citizenship.

Required documents to apply for Cypriot citizenship

Required documents to apply for Cypriot citizenship include:

All documents issued abroad must be officially translated into Greek or English and certified.

The additional list of documents depends on the basis on which the applicant is applying for citizenship. Thus, applicants applying for citizenship by naturalization may be asked to provide documents confirming their registered address in Cyprus, such as a contract of sale or rental of housing, as well as receipts for payment of utility bills. In addition, you may be required to provide a certificate confirming your knowledge of the Greek language.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

Previously, there was a program for obtaining Cypriot citizenship by investment, which made it possible to obtain a passport within just 6 months. But since 2020, the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program has been closed.

At the moment, one of the most popular programs leading to citizenship and a passport of Cyprus is the program for obtaining permanent residence in Cyprus for investing from 300 thousand euros in residential and/or commercial real estate, Cypriot business or investment funds.

Unlike other investment programs in EU countries, Cyprus immediately issues an indefinite rather than temporary residence permit, which does not need to be renewed every year.

An investor and his family members can obtain Cypriot citizenship under this program after 5 years through naturalization.

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    In 2006 graduated from the National Aviation University (NAU), Kiev with a degree in Philology, Translation. Irina Lugina has many years of successful work experience in large companies with a voluminous workflow. Within Feod Group specializes in:
    • visa support by category for financially independent foreigners, visas for entrepreneurs and investors in the EU, Great Britain and the USA.
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