Cyprus Company Incorporation

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Company registration in Cyprus
Bank account opening
Relocation of business and employees to Cyprus
Substance requirements organization
Tax optimization and change of tax jurisdiction
Obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus for the whole family
Confirmation of the origin of the source of funds

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Registration of a company in Cyprus


Cyprus has been developing rapidly in recent years, increasing its potential to attract international investors and entrepreneurs.

Economic and political stability, a progressively developing infrastructure, great weather all year round and the hospitality of the local people, as well as a strong legal and regulatory framework, make Cyprus the destination of choice for many foreigners to move and for business and family.

Cyprus is regarded “The most convenient jurisdiction for European business”.

Why companies register in Cyprus

✓ Legal system of Cyprus
The regulatory framework of Cyprus is based on the principles of English common law and is in line with the laws of the European Union, the requirements of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), FATF and FATCA, which is understandable and transparent for the operation of international business.
Therefore, Cyprus is not a classic offshore, as was previously believed. Cyprus is not on the “black” lists of the European Union and the OECD.

✓ Cyprus is the center of business and business activity
Cyprus is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, close to trade routes linking these continents.
This strategic location makes Cyprus a business center with many services on offer, including a Cyprus Company allowing you to conduct your business throughout the European Union with an international reach.

✓ Efficient tax regime
The Cyprus tax system offers numerous incentives for both legal entities and individuals (Non-domicile tax status).
– The corporate tax rate is 12.5% and is included in the rating “The lowest corporate tax rates in the European Union”.
– The tax-free minimum income tax is 19,500 euros/year.
– Tax credits for income in the form of dividends, interest income, profits from the sale of securities, etc.
– Network of international agreements for the avoidance of double taxation.

✓ Ease of opening and running a business
The corporate legislation that governs the opening and doing business in Cyprus gives the right to a foreign citizen to start a business in Cyprus, and the registration process takes a minimum of time compared to many EU countries and does not require presence on the island. You can register a company in Cyprus remotely.

✓ Absence of language barriers
The official language of Cyprus is Greek, but almost all residents know and speak English. English is taught in the school, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers.

✓ Skilled workforce
Cyprus has the youngest population in the European Union of skilled and experienced professionals with good education and knowledge of several languages.

✓ Cyprus resident status
Entrepreneurs and investors, as well as their family members, can apply for a residence permit in Cyprus and become a resident of Cyprus under several programs:
– Cyprus Resident Status for Cyprus Company Owners (Business Immigration)
– Residence permit in Cyprus for financially independent foreigners
– The investment program of Cyprus, which is called the “Golden Visa of Cyprus” or “Cyprus Residence Permit for Investment” when buying property from 100 thousand euros in category F or investing from 300 thousand euros in real estate, business and funds – the Fast Track program.

✓ Cyprus is a great place to move as a family with children
When relocating or opening their business in Cyprus, entrepreneurs also consider the island as a place to relax or live with their families. For a short stay or relocation, Cyprus provides a huge number of advantages, some of them:

– The World Health Organization has rated Cyprus as one of the healthiest countries in the Mediterranean.
– Cyprus is also one of the countries with the lowest levels of air pollution in the European Union.
– Cyprus is one of the safest places in Europe to live, with an extremely low crime rate.
– The island has a wonderful climate with more than 300 sunny days a year, an abundance of the best and cleanest beaches in Europe, recreation areas, fresh vegetables and fruits.
– Cyprus has one of the best private education sectors in Europe with a large selection of schools that teach programs in English.
– The real estate market is actively developing and offers both residential real estate, ranging from apartments to villas on the seafront for living or relaxing with the whole family, or for investment purposes.

How to register a company in Cyprus


Main criteria and requirements to open a company in Cyprus

• 3 company name options
The name of a limited liability company in Cyprus must end with Limited or Ltd.

• Description of the activities of the company being opened for the memorandum of association (Memorandum and Articles of Association).

• Legal address of the registered business.
To register a company in Cyprus, you must have a legal address. The legal address can be the address of lawyers, auditors or a registered agent (service company).

• Organization of a real office of the company in Cyprus, in accordance with the requirements of Substance.
There must be a physical office in Cyprus and contact details of the company (telephone, email address).
You can provide a lease agreement for office space in a business center or ownership of commercial property.

• Director responsible for the management of the company.
There must be at least one director, who can be either a resident of Cyprus or a foreigner. At the request of the client, we provide nominee directors. The director of the company must have the appropriate knowledge or necessary qualifications to manage the company and make the necessary decisions.

• Opening a corporate bank account at a local bank
A bank account in Cyprus is an important criterion for certifying that the control and management of the company is carried out in Cyprus and entitles you to enjoy the relevant tax benefits.

• Profile of directors and beneficiaries.
All foreign directors and beneficiaries establishing their company in Cyprus must provide a professional and financial business profile.


If you are interested in opening a business in Cyprus, we recommend that you use the services of our Cypriot lawyers in order to avoid mistakes and delay the process due to ignorance of all the subtleties.


Corporate taxes in Cyprus


A company is tax resident in Cyprus if:
– managed and controlled from Cyprus; or
– the company is registered in Cyprus, but managed and controlled from outside Cyprus, provided that the company is not a tax resident of any other country (applies from December 31, 2022).

Companies that are tax residents in Cyprus must pay tax on their worldwide income.
In accordance with the requirements of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a Cypriot company can claim all the tax benefits of Cyprus, the Cyprus double taxation treaty, in the event that the company is a tax resident of Cyprus.

Non-resident companies are subject to tax on profits derived from commercial activities carried out through a permanent establishment in Cyprus, as well as on certain types of income received from sources in Cyprus.


Corporate tax in Cyprus
Cyprus has a flat corporate tax rate of 12.5%

Value Added Tax (VAT)
It is charged on the supply of goods and services in Cyprus, as well as on the purchase of goods from the European Union and the import of goods into Cyprus.
– Standard VAT rate – 19%
– Reduced rates – 9%, 5%
– 0% on a number of goods and services defined by law, for example, the supply of certain medical goods, most banking and insurance services.

Employer contributions
– 8.3% of the employee’s salary to the Social Insurance Fund.
The rate of 8.3% applies to both employer and employee until December 31, 2023.
After that, the rate will increase every five years until it reaches 10.7% on January 1, 2039.
– 1.2% to the unemployment fund
— 2% and 0.5% for social cohesion and learning development funds.
— 8.0% — Vacation fund (exemption from contributions is possible).

Dividends, interest
0% on income from dividends, interest and other passive income, regardless of whether the income is received in Cyprus or worldwide.

Capital gain
Applies only to income relating to immovable property located in Cyprus.
A rate of 20% is charged on income from the sale of immovable property located in Cyprus or from the sale of shares in companies owning immovable property located in Cyprus. The first 17,086 € are tax free.
Capital gains tax on the sale of real estate located outside Cyprus – 0%

Cyprus tax resident status and Non-domicile Tax Regime (Non-Dom Status)


Assistance of Feod Group in the process of company registration in Cyprus


Cypriot lawyers of Feod Group accompany their clients relating to the purchase or registration of a business in Cyprus, and provide a full range of services for obtaining a residence permit for the entire client’s family.

✓ company registration in Cyprus ;
✓ services for the preparation of applicants’ documents confirming the source of funds;
✓ assistance in opening bank accounts in Cyprus;
✓ analysis of the corporate structure and issuance of recommendations on tax issues and asset protection;
✓ services for obtaining the status of a tax resident of Cyprus;
✓ real estate services: rent or purchase of residential and commercial real estate, complete verification of the purity of the transaction, preparation of contracts, participation in negotiations with owners or sellers of real estate;
✓ applying for residence permits and representing the interests of clients and their family members;
✓ enrollment services for children in secondary schools and universities in Cyprus.
✓ after moving to Cyprus: business consulting, extension of stay in the country, obtaining a permanent residence permit and citizenship of Cyprus.

Registration of a company in Cyprus - FAQ
How to open your company in Cyprus?

In order to register your company in Cyprus, you need to go through the standard registration procedure: obtain a foreign tax number, select and register a company name; open a bank account and deposit the authorized capital; have a legal address; appoint a director; register a company with state and tax authorities.

How to open a bank account in Cyprus?

In order to open a bank account in Cyprus, you need to go through the following procedure:

  • Collection and preparation of client’s personal and financial documentation
  • Obtaining prior approval from the bank
  • Filling in bank questionnaires and forms
  • Interview with a representative of the bank and sending documents to the bank. The procedure of online identification and online interview with the bank is possible
  • Consideration of documents by the bank and decision making
What is the current corporate tax in Cyprus in 2024?

The current corporate tax in Cyprus is 12.5%

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Anastasia Taran Head of Corporate Services
In 2013, she graduated in law from the National University «Odessa Law Academy» with honors and received a Master of Law degree. Anastasia Taran has experience in international and contract law, as well as corporate and tax law in Europe. Within the framework of Feod Group, she specializes i...
In 2013, she graduated in law from the National University «Odessa Law Academy» with honors and received a Master of Law degree. Anastasia Taran has experience in international and contract law, as well as corporate and tax law in Europe. Within the framework of Feod Group, she specializes in immigration and corporate law of European countries, particularly:
  • family and corporate immigration solutions.
  • establishing a business in Europe.
  • personal and corporate taxation in Europe.
  • opening accounts in European banks.
  • obtaining a tax resident status.
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