Student visa D to Spain

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Feod Group is a leader in organizing study programs abroad, as well as a regular participant in world educational exhibitions. The company’s specialists will help you both in the process of choosing an educational institution and at all stages of visa processing.

If you have not yet decided on the choice of an educational institution in Spain, we recommend that you contact the Feod Group study abroad specialists. You can read more about the educational services of our company in the Education Abroad section.


Student visa D to Spain


Long-term national visa D is issued by the Embassy for a period of 3 months, during which the student must enter the territory of Spain.
Upon entering Spain, the student must apply for a residence permit – student tarjeta. A month after the collection of fingerprints at the local police station, a plastic card ´tarjeta de estudiante´ is issued, which is valid for the period of study, but not more than a year.

It is also possible to apply for a student residence permit directly from Spain by entering the country with a biometric passport.

If after completing the first course you plan to study further, you can extend your student residence permit directly in Spain without leaving the country. Also, such a residence permit gives the right to work in the country.

Immigration lawyers of Feod Group in Spain will provide full support in applying and obtaining a student residence permit in Spain.



    List of documents for a long-term student visa to Spain


    Important: all documents must be translated into Spanish by a certified translator, government documents must be apostilled.
    Before submitting, a copy of the entire package of documents must be made.

    1. Original foreign passport. The passport must have at least 3 blank pages.
    2. Copy of civil passport and identification code
    3. The applicant’s birth certificate.
    4. Certificate of good conduct of the Applicant.
    5. Medical certificate
    6. Certificate and application for high school graduation.
    7. A motivation letter with a clear statement of plans to study in Spain and also intentions to return after graduation.
    8. Insurance policy valid for 1 year, issued by an insurance company that has the right to provide services in Spain.
    9. Original letter of admission to a school or university accredited in Spain, in order to obtain an official diploma.
    10. Confirmation of the student’s residence for the entire period of study, indicating the address and the payment made.
    11. Notarized consent for full financial support of the student during his studies in Spain.
    12. Documents confirming the financial viability of the family or the sponsor of the education.

    We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there is no standard list of documents for applying for a student visa, the list of documents is prepared individually by the Feod Group visa specialists based on the situation of the client, the chosen educational institution and the sponsor of the education.

    Our services for obtaining a student visa D to Spain:



      Refusal of a student visa to Spain


      For successful application after refusal of a student visa, you must make sure:

      1) That you understand the reasons for the refusal (financial insolvency, incorrectly prepared documents or simply an unsuccessful interview).

      2) That you are ready to provide information that was not provided in the previous submission.

      We recommend that you take advantage of our consultation before scheduling your next application.

      Our visa and immigration specialists will provide full support in the correct preparation of documents after refusal.

      Can I get a student D visa for short-term programs?

      This type of visa assumes a long, more than 6 months, stay in Spain for the purpose of study. The type of program can be both linguistic and academic, the main condition is that the course of study must be full-time with at least 15 hours of studies per week.

      Is there a visa interview and what language is it in?

      An interview with an immigration officer at the Spanish Embassy is a mandatory part of applying for a visa. Depending on the type of program, the duration of the program, the age of the applicant, the interview is either fully in Spanish or partly in the national language.

      Can I get a student visa to Spain after a refusal?

      The possibility of re-applying for a visa depends on the reason for the refusal indicated on the refusal sheet.

      During the consultation, Feod Group visa specialists will be able to advise you on further steps and documents that need to be additionally prepared for a new submission.

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