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Financial investment – is the realization of investments in financial instruments, whose purpose is to generate profit.

Services involving the formation and maintenance of financial investment are carried by British and American accredited financiers, lawyers and brokers, who are the part of Feod Group.

Undoubtedly, it is very important to use professional consultations of independent accredited financial experts when you choose a financial investment.

Feod Group offers services of independent financial experts – Financial Management Specialist. The consultant analyzes the client’s financial situation, his/her objectives and provides guidelines for the proper actions in order to improve his/her financial position. The consultant is independent from any financial institutions, including banks, and provides the client with full information on the financial services market, as well as assists in financial planning when investing, reallocation of funds etc.

Feod Group can offer its clients the following types of financial investments:

It is important to know that legally correct implementation of foreign investment, may become the basis for obtaining immigration status, and very often for obtaining immediate citizenship in Europe, USA and Canada.

What are the advantages of working with Feod Group in the implementation of financial investment abroad:

Feod Group, providing a wide range of legal services (active link to the page of “legal services”), represents the client’s interests abroad through its network of offices in Europe and the United States, protects the interests of the client and always cares about the achievement and implementation of all business and personal objectives of the client and members of his family .

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