Feod Group is a diversified company specializing in various legal and business activities for international clients worldwide.

Founded in 1992 in Ukraine now has more than 20 years of international legal and business services experience. Since 2005 became a group of companies and was joined by British based company “Business & Immigration Consultants Ltd,” with offices in London, UK.

At the present time Feod Group has operative offices in Ukraine(Kiev, Odessa), United Kingdom(London), Cyprus(Larnaca), Italy(Viterbo), Malta(Valletta), United States of America(Florida).

Feod Group engages professionals from various related sectors: law, property, accounting, taxation, banking, financial services, business development, international consultancy, management, corporate services and trust management.

The Legal Department has as its mission to provide international clients with the highest level of services from a talented group of Ukrainian, British and other international professionals, lawyers and advocates, specializing in various aspects of International law and practice: immigration and relocation, commercial law, company law, corporate services, property and development, trust and estate, financial services and ancillary related services.

The Investment Abroad Department has a unique management team with international property experience specializing in property markets in European countries and USA, offering land plots for development, high level residential and commercial properties. We have established partnerships with respected European and US developers, architects, valuers, property management companies and regularly are instructed to offer land and properties throughout the world.

The Education Abroad Department has long established partnership with carefully selected educational institutions with high accreditation and ranking around the world, private and government; and provides our clients with a full range of professional services from assessment, personal educational career to guardianship support abroad during study period. Our team members graduated from the UK Universities, obtained Bachelors and Master’s Degrees in Europe and the US and can provide all advice and supports under clients’ request.

Our services from various departments and associate partners around the world intertwine and bring together professionals from a variety of legal-business sectors to offer our clients’ a unique combination of One-Stop-Shop services.

We measure the effectiveness of our international team work by the degree of our clients’ success, adopting the results-based approach across the board and because of that our clients’ success becomes our own achievements.

Feod Group is constantly evolving to adapt to the fast changing world of business and embraces the concept of its continuous development for serving its every growing client base.

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