Employment in Ukraine

Ukrainian immigration law still maintains an administrative system that demands numerous paperwork.
Foreign citizens who apply for employment in Ukraine should obtain a work permit, either if they are directly employed or seconded to work in Ukraine by foreign companies.
A work permit may be issued for up to one year with subsequent renewal. The overall time of employment in Ukraine is not limited.
The foreigner is not allowed commence working in Ukraine until the work permit is issued.
In order to obtain a 1-year Work permit in Ukraine, the following documents are required:

Once you have a work permit you are eligible for a 1-year temporary residency permit.

Business in Ukraine

Starting business in Ukraine is one of the grounds of obtaining temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

Setting up a business in any foreign country has its complications, especially if you do not know the way business processes operates. Simple things can be frustrating: from setting up a company to paying tax; from opening a bank account to hiring staff.
Feod Group can assist you with all this issues.
To register an LLC, the following is required:

The director of the company may be a foreigner, but only after he/she is granted a Work Permit, as prescribed by law or permanent residence permit.
Upon clients instructions we can take care of the certificates and notarised copies of the documents.

Feod Group international lawyers and specialists will provide you with full legal and immigration support at every stage of these complex procedures.

If you would like to obtain an initial consultation, please contact our office in Kiev (Ukraine) +380443839030, Odessa (Ukraine) +380482324438. You can also contact our staff at Feod Group office in London +442081237130 or USA, Florida +19047294049.

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