Types of visas to Ukraine

With immigration specialization since 1992, Feod Group are able to assist in obtaining short term C visa and long-term visa D to Ukraine as well as full immigration support in Ukraine. We have English speaking lawyers in offices in Kiev and in Odessa.

Depending on the purpose of travel, these are the following types of visas to Ukraine:

Transit visa to Ukraine (B)

Transit Visa (indicated by letter B) is issued to foreign citizens and stateless persons for passing through Ukraine to a third destination, as well as for the transit of cargo and for the transit of vehicle passengers.
There are single, double and multiple entry transit visas issued for the period indicated in the supporting documents.

Short-term visa to Ukraine (C)

Short-term visa (indicated by letter C) is issued to foreign citizens and stateless persons if the duration of their stay in Ukraine does not exceed 90 days in a given 180 day period.
Short-term visas can be single, double or multiple entries for six months or for the period of time indicated in the documents that constitute grounds for obtaining the visa, but not exceeding five years.
The most common grounds for obtaining Ukrainian short-term visa:

Long-term visa to Ukraine (D)

Long-term visa (indicated by letter D) is issued to foreign citizens or stateless persons traveling to Ukraine for a period not exceeding 90 days with the purpose of processing documents that give the right to stay or reside in Ukraine.
The long-term visa can be issued by the Diplomatic Mission or the Consulate General of Ukraine as single entry visa for 45 days, except as otherwise required by law.
The most common grounds for obtaining Ukrainian long-term visa:

All foreign nationals must be registered at Border Control upon arrival to Ukraine. This initial registration is valid for up to 90 days only.

Assistance in obtaining visas to Ukraine

Feod Group has wide experience in working on different visa categories. Our clients receive full professional support during all documents preparation and, if needed, preparation for the personal visa interview. We work with complicated applications after visa refusals and bars of entry.

If you would like to obtain an initial consultation, please contact our office in Kiev (Ukraine) +380443839030, Odessa (Ukraine) +380482324438. You can also contact our staff at Feod Group office in London +442081237130 or USA, Florida +19047294049.

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