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Education abroad

Education Abroad

Our services include:

  • Consulting in choosing the education programme, institution, country;
  • Admission to the programme, obtaining the necessary documents for admission;
  • Assistance in obtaining visas, preparation of a full set of documents;
  • Assisting in booking accommodation, air tickets and airport transfer;
  • Consultations in the field of immigration laws of the chosen country and its culture.

Feod Group takes one of the first places among the international consulting companies. Our company was founded as a private Ukrainian enterprise in 1992 and internationally recognized for the exemplary immigration, education abroad, legal and business services as well as supporting services for Ukrainian citizens abroad and foreign investors in Ukraine.

Education abroad is one of our oldest directions which we have been developing for 20 years and during this period of time we have made partners all over the world.

We appreciate and fully support our relationships with all our partners and potential clients, and as a rule most of these relationships tend to be friendly and long-term.

We have individual approach to every student. While selecting a programme we always take into consideration student`s abilities, his academic results, stated preferences, tasks, and in cooperation with him we are building a strategy for obtaining high-quality education, which should form the basis for a successful career.

We maintain close business relationships with leading educational institutions, having participated in international conferences, seminars, events in the field of foreign education and tourism, which allows us to monitor trends in the market of educational services and to offer our clients the best foreign schools and training programmes.

We offer:

  • Education in private and state schools, colleges and universities in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia;
  • Preparation for entry into colleges and universities;
  • Language courses for any level and at any time for children, students and adults;
  • Individual training programmes of foreign language for businessmen or employees of companies.
Алексей Ш.

Алексей Ш.

Я впервые побывал на Кипре, и мне очень понравилось, я захотел остаться ещё! Школа, учителя […]

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Мария Дубовая

Мария Дубовая

Была в лагере The Language Explorer 3 недели. Море эмоций и позитива. Приехала неделю назад, […]

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