Extensions of Stay in Ukraine

Foreigners who are citizens of countries with visa entry procedures and stateless persons are allowed to stay in Ukraine for a period specified in visa.

Citizens of countries with visa-free entry may temporarily stay in Ukraine not more than 90 days within 180 days, unless another term is established by international treaties of Ukraine.

All foreign nationals must be registered at Border Control upon arrival to Ukraine.

New rules of stay in Ukraine

Please note! According to the new rules, which came into effect in September 2015 citizens of countries with visa-free entry may temporarily stay in Ukraine not longer than 90 days within any latest 180 days. Not only duration of the last stay is taken into account, but all entrances during the latest 180 days.
If such foreigner needs to remain in Ukraine beyond these time limits he should file an application for extension of stay with a relevant migration office at least three working days before the expiration of the allowed term of stay.
Grounds of such extension strictly lined in legislation:

Such circumstances should be confirmed with documents.

Help with the extension of stay in Ukraine

Feod Group has wide experience in working with different visa categories, extension of stay in Ukraine and change of official grounds of residence in Ukraine. Our clients receive full professional support during all documents preparation, if needed, preparation for the personal visa interview or escorting to the immigration authorities.

If you would like to obtain an initial consultation, please contact our office in Kiev (Ukraine) +380443839030, Odessa (Ukraine) +380482324438. You can also contact our staff at Feod Group office in London +442081237130 or USA, Florida +19047294049.

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