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Feod Group is a reliable partner for clients looking to purchase a ready-made business or expand their investment opportunities in Cyprus. We have extensive experience working with various business sectors in Cyprus, enabling us to develop individual strategies and solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Contact us for expert legal support when buying a business in Cyprus!


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Investing in a Ready-Made Business in Cyprus

Purchasing an established business in Cyprus represents a lucrative investment opportunity for many entrepreneurs looking to invest in the growing EU market. With a combination of stability, a strong economy, a favorable business climate, and attractive tax conditions, Cyprus is an optimal choice for those aiming for successful investments and asset diversification.

Additionally, Cyprus offers access to European markets and international business opportunities, making it an ideal choice for those looking to expand their business beyond their home country.

Foreign entrepreneurs often opt to buy an established Cypriot company, as it significantly saves time and effort compared to starting a new business. Acquiring an existing company in Cyprus provides entrepreneurs with an already established infrastructure, existing contracts and licenses, and streamlined business processes.

Top 5 Advantages of Buying a Ready-Made Business in Cyprus

1. Favorable Business Climate

Cyprus is the ideal place for entrepreneurs aiming for success in an environment that meets the highest international standards. The island not only offers attractive tax rates but also simplifies all processes related to purchasing and running a business. Additionally, Cyprus is not a traditional offshore jurisdiction; it complies with all European Union standards, ensuring safety, reliability, and full integration into the European business space.

2. Low Taxes

Cyprus is known for its competitive tax rates, making it appealing to investors. The corporate tax rate is just 12.5%, one of the lowest in Europe. Additionally, Cyprus offers unique tax advantages: 0% tax on dividend income, interest, and other passive income, as well as 0% on profits from the sale of shares and bonds. These tax benefits make Cyprus an attractive location, allowing you to minimize taxes and maximize your financial potential.

3. Time and Resource Savings

Buying an established business eliminates the need to create a company from scratch, providing you with a fully operational business. This significantly reduces the time required to start operations and minimizes resource expenditure. An established business often already has a market presence, which helps attract new clients and partners and strengthens consumer trust. This allows you to focus on growth and profitability without spending time on organizational matters.

4. Passive Income

Investing in a ready-made business in Cyprus offers not only the opportunity for active company management but also the potential for passive income. A well-functioning business can generate stable revenue, allowing investors to earn profits without active involvement in daily operations. Ready-made businesses in Cyprus can provide investors with steady income through dividends, rental payments, or other forms of passive income. This approach is particularly attractive for those seeking to diversify their income and create long-term financial stability.

5. Wide Range of Investment Options

Cyprus is an ideal place for diverse investments, offering opportunities in various high-profit sectors. The island has thriving industries such as tourism and hospitality, residential and commercial real estate, information technology and innovation, energy, shipping, and logistics. The local market is growing and evolving, presenting investors with a wide range of promising projects and profitable opportunities.

These advantages make buying a ready-made business in Cyprus an attractive option for investors and entrepreneurs looking to successfully start or expand their business.


Types of Ready-Made Companies in Cyprus. Which types of companies in Cyprus are purchased most frequently and why?

In Cyprus, various types of companies reflecting the diversity of industries and business models are available for purchase. When considering buying a ready-made business in Cyprus, it’s worth paying attention to several promising sectors that promise high profitability:

Real estate in Cyprus has always been one of the most reliable investments. Investments in construction can be highly profitable, especially when buying an existing business or launching your own project from scratch. The stable demand for housing and favorable business conditions make this sector attractive for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio and ensure long-term income streams.

Hotel and tourist complexes, including apart-hotels and hotel apartments with a management company contract, are promising investment opportunities. The growing influx of tourists to Cyprus creates demand for quality accommodation and services, making this sector attractive to investors.

Trading and service companies are also in demand in Cyprus, especially in major cities and tourist areas. Ready-made businesses in retail (supermarkets and stores), restaurant business, and service-related sectors can be attractive to investors.

With the increasing interest in alternative energy sources, investing in green energy, including the joint construction of solar parks, is a profitable solution. Government support and financial incentives make this sector attractive to investors.

Startups and companies in the field of information technology attract investors in Cyprus. The country actively develops its technological infrastructure, providing investors access to highly skilled talent and an innovative environment.

The choice of a specific type of ready-made business in Cyprus depends on the individual goals and financial capabilities of the investor. However, considering the listed sectors can serve as a good starting point when deciding to purchase a ready-made business in Cyprus.

Legal audit before purchasing

Conducting a thorough legal audit before purchasing a company in Cyprus is a crucial step to minimize risks and ensure the legality of the transaction. This involves examining the financial condition, contracts, compliance with tax legislation, and identifying potential legal obligations and risks.

Our legal team in Cyprus has extensive experience in legal consulting and auditing, allowing us to accurately and professionally identify potential risks and issues, as well as propose effective strategies and solutions.

During the audit, Feod Group lawyers assess documentation, financial reports, corporate structure, and other legally significant aspects of the existing business.

The results of the audit assist potential buyers in fully evaluating the company’s condition and making an informed decision about the purchase.

Additionally, the Feod Group team specializes in providing consulting and other legal services related to the acquisition of a profitable business and investment in Cyprus:

✓ Consultations on investment objectives

✓ Evaluation of investment profitability

✓ Legal support for issues related to business registration and licensing

✓ Tax consultation and optimization

✓ Assistance in obtaining resident status (Residency and Permanent Residency) in Cyprus


The Feod Group team possesses comprehensive knowledge of the local market and its unique characteristics. We aim to provide clients with a high level of professionalism and reliability in implementing their investment strategies.




It is better to ask ones than to search 100 times

If you have any questions, please contact us.




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