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Feod Group was founded in 1992 in Ukraine and since 2005 became a group of companies joined by a British base company, ‘Business & Immigration Consultants Ltd’ with offices in London (UK). Feod Group has operating offices in Ukraine, the UK, Cyprus, Italy, Malta and the USA. This is a useful advantage as it increases the operational efficiency and quality of our services provided in all sectors of: law (including immigration law) , property, accounting, taxation, banking, financial services, business development, international consultancy, management, corporate services and trust management. Feod Group deals with most European countries, USA, Canada and Australia.

One of the main areas of activities of the Legal Department is the provision of all kinds or services in immigration law. We will provide you with the highest level of services from qualified Ukrainian, British and other international professionals. If you have decided to move and live long term or permanently overseas, to join family/relatives- the following information is for you.

The process of preparation for such visa application is very complicated. Both you and your relative (hereinafter referred to as the Sponsor) in an overseas country will face many questions. Your application consists not only of your personal documents but mainly of the documents of your sponsor. We recommend to use our professional consultations where an international solicitor will provide you with information on the relevant paragraphs of the immigration rules and full explanation on them. You personal circumstances will be evaluated. You will obtain professional advice on the best and most successful solution to your problem.

Whilst there are certain differences in the Immigration Rules of different countries the main criteria are the same:

As mentioned above the Immigration Law of each country has its own peculiarities. These peculiarities are to be taken into consideration both to correctly represent your visa application and to regularize your immigration status in the country of new residence from the moment you enter the country to the moment you receive citizenship (should you decide to change it). Feod Group lawyers and specialists will guide you through all procedures.

Fiancé/fiancée visa is for those who have decided to join his/her fiancée/fiancé in the country of his/her normal residence. You have to enter the country with the view to marry your partner during the validity of the visa (usually 90-180 days) or (like with the USA) during the period of time provided by the Immigration Officer at the port of entry. After you got married you will need to apply to local Immigration Authorities inside the country to obtain new immigration status because by virtue of marriage your status has changed. If by the end of the visa validity you have not married in most of the cases you will have to leave the country. If it is still your intention you have to apply for a new visa from outside the country.

If you intend to join your spouse in the country of his/her normal residence you will have to apply for a spouse visa. In most of the countries the bearers of such visas can take employment straight after they have entered the country. In many countries such visas enable you to obtain Permanent Residence after the visa expires. In some countries (like the UK) after the visa expiry you will obtain a Temporary Residence Permit and Indefinite Leave to Remain after 5 years of permanent residence. It is important to note that you will be enabled for citizenship only if you permanently reside in the country for a certain period of time.

Common-law Spouses and Same Sex Partners can join their partners in the country of their normal residence. The criteria for such visas are mainly the same as with fiancé/fiancée and spouse visas. But if this type of visa applies to you, your partner and yourself will need to prove you have lived in the relationship aka marriage for some time (usually 1-2 years depending on the immigration law of the country of the Sponsor’s normal residence).

Dependent children under 18 (in some cases under 21) can either travel with their parents or join them and get their visas and further immigration status in line with their parents.

Please note: 1) for the children who are Ukrainian nationals it is obligatory to have a written notarized consent from the parent who is not travelling with the child if this parent is a Ukrainian National. This consent must clearly state the child can move to an overseas country to reside there with the other parent. In case a child travels alone he/she must have a consent from both parents. If you are a single parent you have to provide the confirmation you are solely responsible for your child. 2) Dependent children are those who fully depend on you and have no families of their own.

Joining close and distant relatives – this type of visa is for dependent elderly parents and grandparents. In some countries cousins and first aunts/uncles can also qualify as relatives. The main criteria of the Immigration Rules apply as well as the criteria specific for different countries. Like all immigrant visas these visas leads to Permanent Residence in the country with the view to get a citizenship.

Joining the Pre-existing Family – a pre-existing family is defined as a family (married partners, children) where a husband and a wife had been married and lived together before one of the spouses moved to live overseas. Spouses must prove their relationship is subsisting until there were strong independent reasons (wars, natural disasters etc) preventing them from being in contact. The main criteria apply as well as criteria specific for different countries.

Long-term students/ Work Permit Holders Dependents – in the Immigration Rules of many countries there is a provision for spouses and children to join their spouses/parents who legally work or study overseas on a long-term basis. The main criteria apply as well as criteria specific for different countries.

Feod Group has wide experience in working on all the above mentioned immigration categories. With in-house European and American lawyers we can handle any complicated immigration case. Our company offices in Ukraine, the UK, Cyprus, Italy, Malta and the USA can simultaneously work on documents from both sides and make the immigration process run smoothly and efficiently.

Countries where we offer visa and immigration support:

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