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Feod Group is an international group of companies that has been providing a wide range of immigration, consulting and business services since 1992.

Together with lawyers, Feod Group works professionally under the program for obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro, as well as under the program for obtaining citizenship by investment.

Today, Montenegro is an economically developed and politically stable region with a favorable climate and amazing nature, is the best choice for supporters of European lifestyle.

In the first quarter of 2018, the growth of the Montenegro economy was 4.5%, and the state entered the top three European countries with the highest economic growth rates.

According to the World Bank, Montenegro ranks 42nd (out of 190 countries) by the economic rating of 2018 and the ease of doing business index in 2017 with continuous positive growth:

Residence permit and citizenship of Montenegro when buying real estate

Montenegro is open to foreign investors. The legislation of the country is aimed at the development of programs for foreign citizens concerning the purchase of real estate in Montenegro, opening a business, obtaining a residence permit and citizenship for investments.
Acquisition of real estate in Montenegro is an attractive investment that allows property owners to obtain either a residence permit or citizenship of Montenegro.

Montenegro started accepting applications for participation in the Citizenship for Investments program from January 1, 2019.
In Montenegro, relatively low prices for real estate (real estate costs differ in different parts of the country) and low costs for housing maintenance compared to other European countries in Montenegro.

Having obtained a residence permit in Montenegro, when buying property, the applicant has the opportunity to reside permanently in the country, and the applicant’s children have the right to study at a public school (tuition is free).

Citizenship of Montenegro has a number of its advantages, such as: visiting about 125 states in a visa-free regime (or with obtaining a visa upon arrival in the country); a profitable tax system for real estate investors, a promising residential real estate market and a steadily rising rental prices.

The advantages of life in Montenegro are also:

Montenegro has a wonderful Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by the absence of long frosty winters and the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the sea all year round.

Montenegro ranks first among all European countries in environmental conditions.

The crime rate is one of the lowest in Europe, which makes Montenegrin residents feel safe.

The main list of services Feod Group in Montenegro includes:

Immigration and visa:

Business and legal:

The Feod Group also provides its clients with related services related to relocation and adaptation in the country: family relocation services to Montenegro, enrollment of children in schools and many others.

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