The Best Countries for Emigration: Where to Move to Live?

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Emigration is a serious step that requires careful consideration and planning. Many people seek new opportunities to improve their education, career, taxation, health, or safety. However, not all countries are equally attractive for relocation. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, along with specific conditions for obtaining residence permits (residency) or citizenship.

In this article, we will tell you about the TOP 5 best countries for emigration, where it is better to move to live. We will consider factors such as the economy, climate, social sphere, culture, education, healthcare, safety, and others. We will also discuss the ways to obtain residency or citizenship in these countries, along with the requirements and timelines that need to be followed. We hope that our article will help you make the right choice and fulfill your dream of emigration.

Which countries are easy to immigrate to?

Before discussing the TOP 5 best countries for immigration, let’s take a look at which countries are relatively easy to immigrate to. Here is a table where we have compared some countries based on key priorities such as the cost of living, unemployment rate, quality of life, happiness level, and ease of obtaining residency or citizenship.

Name of CountryEconomic StabilityQuality of the Medical SystemSecurity LevelCultural OpportunitiesLanguage Barrier
CyprusHighHighHighVarious eventsMinimal
FranceHighVery highHighThe richness of artMedium
GreeceMediumMediumHighA fusion of modernity and antiquityLow
PortugalMediumHighMediumHistoric towns and coastal landscapesLow
SpainHighHighHighCultural festivals and beachesMedium


Overall, they have a sufficiently high standard of living, low unemployment, high quality of life, and happiness levels. However, not all of them are equally accessible for obtaining residency or citizenship. Some of them require significant investments, a prolonged period of residence, language proficiency, or other conditions.
Therefore, we have selected the TOP 5 best countries for immigration that combine all these advantages and have more accessible immigration programs.

TOP 5 Countries for Emigration

Moving on to specific countries, let’s consider the top 5 places that offer unique opportunities for immigration. Choosing a country to relocate to is a strategic decision that can impact your career, quality of life, and personal development. These countries attract with economic prospects, a high standard of living, and a diversity of cultural features.





Cyprus, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, offers a unique experience that combines economic stability, favorable taxes, natural beauty, 300 days of sunshine, and crystal-clear waters.

Cyprus’s economy is one of the most developed in the region, with a focus on tourism, finance, and real estate. This creates favorable conditions for successful businesses and a stable source of income. Entrepreneurs choose Cyprus for its advantageous tax policies, including a corporate income tax rate of 12.5% (one of the lowest in the EU) and a 0% tax rate on dividends and interest.

Cyprus also provides a high-quality education and healthcare system, making it an attractive aspect of life on the island. Obtaining residency in Cyprus is possible through various programs, such as the Cyprus Investment Program (permanent residency), programs for financially independent foreigners, and programs for entrepreneurs and company owners on the island, as well as for digital nomads and professionals wishing to work in international companies.

Embracing the Cypriot way of life also involves enjoying the culture and historical heritage of the island. Cyprus is rich in traditions, culinary delights, and numerous cultural events, including festivals and exhibitions.

For enthusiasts of an active lifestyle, there are ample opportunities for sports, water activities, and relaxation on beautiful beaches. The island combines the charms of the Mediterranean Sea and the Troodos mountain range, making it an excellent place for physical activity and leisure.

With all these advantages, combined with favorable tax conditions, quality infrastructure, and access to European markets, Cyprus becomes an ideal place for living and business development in the region.





Greece is chosen by many foreigners seeking residence permits and those who want to enjoy the beautiful nature, culture, and business opportunities of this stunning country. The sun, sea, and endless beaches make this country appealing for those dreaming of life in a warm climate.

Residency or permanent residency programs in Greece, such as those for financially independent foreigners, for investments and property purchase (Golden Visa), and for digital nomads in Greece, provide convenient paths for those wishing to make Greece their new home.

Greece also offers attractive economic prospects and benefits for living. The country has a favorable business climate, especially for those interested in tourism, real estate, and the service industry. Tourism plays a key role in Greece’s economy, attracting millions of tourists annually.

Additionally, Greece offers a rich cultural experience. The country is renowned for its ancient monuments, magnificent architecture, and traditional Greek cuisine. Life in Greece involves not only beautiful beaches but also participation in various cultural events, festivals, and traditional holidays.

Education in Greece is also appealing for immigrants, especially when it comes to higher education. The country hosts a number of respected universities and research institutes.

Thanks to its unique blend of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and economic opportunities, Greece becomes an attractive destination for those seeking new horizons for living and working.





Portugal welcomes foreigners as one of the most hospitable countries in Europe, offering numerous historical and cultural landmarks, a warm climate, exquisite cuisine, and an affordable standard of living. It is also renowned for its low taxes, making it attractive for living and working.

In recent years, Portugal has gained even more popularity, with many discovering this beautiful Mediterranean region in Europe. The country has undergone a period of development and transformation, making it attractive for business and investments.

Entrepreneurs in Portugal can also benefit from a range of tax advantages. For instance, business-residents can take advantage of various programs and tax incentives specifically designed to stimulate entrepreneurial activity, such as the Madeira International Business Center.

All of this, combined with a favorable economic environment and access to European and international markets, makes Portugal highly attractive for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Obtaining a Portuguese resident card opens up a wide range of rights and benefits for the holder. There are several ways to obtain residency, including the Golden Visa program for investors, visas for entrepreneurs, and visas for digital nomads.

Portugal is known for its cultural heritage, as well as the friendliness and hospitality of its residents. Cities like Lisbon and Porto offer a blend of historic architecture and modern living. Beautiful coastal areas, Portugal’s wines, and traditional cuisine create a unique atmosphere.

Education in Portugal is highly regarded, with the option to study in Portuguese or English. This makes the country appealing for students and professionals seeking education and career growth.

In conclusion, Portugal provides a unique blend of cultural heritage, economic stability, and a pleasant climate for those deciding to start a new chapter of their lives in this country.





Spain, a diverse and culturally rich country, is one of the most attractive places for immigration. From the golden beaches of the Mediterranean to historic cities steeped in history, Spain provides unique opportunities for those seeking to change their lives and immerse themselves in a rich cultural heritage.

As part of the European Union, Spain has a diverse economy that offers numerous opportunities for career growth. Entrepreneurs establishing their businesses in Spain can expect access to large domestic and international markets due to the country’s EU membership. This opens up broad prospects for expanding and developing businesses both within and beyond its borders.

Furthermore, Spain offers various investment opportunities and incentives for the development of innovative and startup projects. Entrepreneurial support programs and research initiatives create a favorable environment for the growth and development of new businesses.

Spain not only provides unique cultural and natural resources but also stimulates economic growth and entrepreneurial activity, making it an attractive place for creating and developing businesses.

Moreover, Spain offers developed infrastructure and a high level of services, ensuring a comfortable environment for living and working.

There are various options for obtaining resident status, including residency for financially independent foreigners, entrepreneurship programs, Golden Visa programs, and residency for digital nomads.

From major metropolises like Barcelona and Madrid to cozy coastal towns, the country offers diverse perspectives. Tourism, real estate, information technology, and agriculture are just a few sectors where one can find their niche.

All these advantages have made Spain an attractive place for living.





France, a country that embodies sophistication, art, and rich history, is one of the most attractive destinations for immigration. Moving to France opens the doors to cultural heritage, a high standard of living, and unique opportunities.

France’s economy is one of the largest globally, offering diverse possibilities for career advancement. Additionally, France is known for its innovative spirit and support for startups, making it appealing for those aspiring to entrepreneurial success.

A prominent example of entrepreneurship stimulation is the “La French Tech” program, aimed at supporting and developing startup projects in the country. This initiative provides access to investment funds, incubators, and mentorship for young companies, fostering their growth and development in the global market.

The immigration process to France may be more complex compared to some other countries, but a wide range of programs and visa categories opens up numerous opportunities.

A favorable legal environment, entrepreneurial infrastructure, and access to international markets make France an attractive place for launching and developing businesses across various industries, from technology and tourism to fashion and culture.

You can obtain residency in France through various categories such as “Visiteur” for financially independent foreigners, “Passeport talent” for individuals with exceptional abilities, business immigration, and investor visa.

One key aspect of immigrating to France is proficiency in the French language. This not only facilitates the adaptation process but also opens up additional opportunities for education and work. France takes pride in its educational standards, offering high-quality education in various fields.

Living in France also means indulging in exquisite cuisine, art, and cultural events. The geographical diversity of the country allows you to explore cities, mountains, beaches, and wine regions. Being in the heart of Europe, you can easily travel to other European countries.

Thus, immigrating to France not only provides professional opportunities but also unveils the wealth of cultural and historical heritage, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a versatile lifestyle.

The Best Country for Immigration

Choosing a country for immigration is a complex decision that depends on various factors, including your professional goals, cultural preferences, and personal beliefs. Some seek immigration status to develop business in the European market and optimize tax obligations, others plan to relocate their entire family for permanent residence in Europe, and some look for opportunities to combine business and personal goals through obtaining a residence permit.

Over the past year, the most sought-after programs among our clients have been the “Golden Visa” programs, allowing residency through real estate investments, as well as programs aimed at providing residence permits for entrepreneurs in countries such as Cyprus, Greece, and Portugal.

Why are Cyprus, Greece, and Portugal in the Top countries for relocation?

Firstly, these countries represent a sunny climate zone with warm beaches and beautiful seas.

Secondly, acquiring property in these countries is advantageous, as it can be rented out to both tourists and local residents, ensuring a stable income.

Thirdly, the tax system of these countries creates the opportunity for legal tax reduction for individuals and their businesses, making them attractive for tax planning and investments. Additionally, it’s worth noting that in Cyprus and Portugal, it is possible to obtain EU citizenship in as little as 5 years.

Possessing a European Union passport is a significant advantage as it provides free movement, residence, and work in EU member states without the need for a visa. This opens up broad opportunities for travel, work, education, and investment in various European countries, making it an essential tool for international mobility and expanding possibilities for personal and professional growth.

Feel free to contact us, and our team of experts will provide comprehensive support and consultations on all aspects of relocation, investment, and business development in these attractive countries! We will assist you in choosing the optimal strategy and provide support at every stage of obtaining immigration status!



If you have any questions in any of the directions, please contact us.


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In 2004 Tetyana Lementarova graduated from the University of Nottingham Trent, London (UK) qualification of Bachelor of International Business (BA Hons) and in 2006 received an MBA from the European School of Economics Rome (Italy), Marketing Management specialisation. Has work experience in UK, Ita...
In 2004 Tetyana Lementarova graduated from the University of Nottingham Trent, London (UK) qualification of Bachelor of International Business (BA Hons) and in 2006 received an MBA from the European School of Economics Rome (Italy), Marketing Management specialisation. Has work experience in UK, Italian and Cypriot companies. 2005-2009 co-founder of an Italian company tour operator New Lands (Rome, Italy). Since 2001, Mrs. Lementarova works as representative of Feod Group abroad. Participates on behalf of the company in international seminars, trainings and conferences on education, immigration and property acquisition abroad. Tetyana Lementarova is an expert in the field of:
  • planning an academic career abroad;
  • organisation of new business abroad and purchase of ready business;
  • obtaining immigration status;
  • selection of investment projects.
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