Roundtable Discussion Explores Larnaca’s Business and Investment Potential

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The founder and Managing Director of Feod Group, Elena Georghiou, recently participated in a roundtable discussion organized by Natalia Kardash, the founder of the Vestnik Kipra group of companies and editor of Successful Business Magazine. The discussion focused on the economic potential of Larnaca, shedding light on why international companies and their employees are increasingly choosing the city for relocation.

Elena Georghiou with other participants of the round table

Elena Georghiou, alongside other participants, engaged in a comprehensive discussion, emphasizing the factors that make Larnaca an attractive destination for businesses and individuals alike.

The primary allure for companies considering a move to Cyprus lies in its favorable tax regime, offering financial incentives for both corporate entities and individuals. However, the benefits extend beyond fiscal advantages. Cyprus provides a high level of security, a crucial consideration for families, complemented by a lifestyle that seamlessly combines modern amenities with natural beauty.

The island boasts prestigious schools and universities, making education a priority for families relocating to Cyprus. Furthermore, the climate, cuisine, and picturesque landscapes create a Mediterranean paradise that holds undeniable appeal.

Elena Georghiou highlighted key aspects contributing to Larnaca’s emergence as a preferred destination:

A 32% increase in arrivals at Hermes Airport in 2023 enhances Larnaca’s accessibility for foreign workers.

Larnaca offers a more cost-effective living environment and a broader range of housing options compared to cities like Limassol and Nicosia.

Despite historical preferences for Limassol as the primary relocation destination, Larnaca’s focus on enhancing logistics and infrastructure positions it as a leader in attracting international businesses.

With its strategic advantages, commitment to safety, and evolving lifestyle amenities, Larnaca presents a compelling proposition for international companies and their employees. The city’s ongoing development maintains a dedicated focus on creating an environment conducive to business growth while ensuring families enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling life.

Elena Georghiou expressed gratitude to the event organizers for the invitation, recognizing the significance of such discussions.

Participating in the roundtable allowed Feod Group to share its vision and experiences while gaining insights into the latest trends and opportunities that Larnaca presents for businesses and investors.

Elena Georghiou emphasized the importance of initiatives fostering the exchange of experiences and ideas to promote the economic development of the region.


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