The Safest Countries in the World to Live

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Safety is one of the crucial factors influencing the quality of a person’s life. The level of safety in different countries can vary significantly based on political, economic, and social situations, as well as the threats posed by natural disasters and crime. Therefore, when planning a trip or migration to another country, it is helpful to know which countries are considered the safest for residence.

TOP Safest Countries in the World for Residence

One of the most authoritative sources of information on global safety is the Global Peace Index (GPI), developed by sociologists and economists from the Institute for Economics and Peace. The GPI measures the level of peacefulness in 163 countries and territories, considering 23 criteria such as military expenditures, internal and international conflicts, political stability, and levels of human rights. Here is a list of the countries that secured the top ten positions in the GPI rankings:

CountryPeacefulness index
New Zealand1.198
Czech Republic1.322

TOP Countries with Low Crime Rates

Another indicator of safety is the level of crime in a country, reflecting the degree of law and order violations and the impact of crime on people’s lives and health. One way to measure the level of crime is through the CRIME INDEX BY COUNTRY, calculated based on surveys conducted by users on the Numbeo website. This index takes into account factors such as the number of murders, violence, thefts, corruption, and terrorism. The higher the index, the higher the level of crime. Countries with low crime rates include:

CountryCrime index
United Arab Emirates15.7
Hong Kong22.38

TOP Countries at Risk of Natural Disasters

Another factor that can impact the safety of living in a country is the risk of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, fires, etc. The United Nations conducts an annual global assessment of disaster risk (GAR), which analyzes threats, vulnerabilities, and the consequences of disasters in different regions of the world. Here is a list of countries with the highest risk of natural disasters:

CountryDisaster Risk Index
Dominican Republic17.39
Papua New Guinea15.47
Solomon Islands13.05
Costa Rica10.65
El Salvador10.08


Which country is the safest for living?
TOP 5 Safest European Countries


When it comes to choosing a country for residence, safety is one of the key criteria that determine the well-being of individuals and their families. However, determining which country is the safest can be a challenging task due to various factors influencing the level of safety in each country.

Based on the data provided above, it can be concluded that there is no definitive answer to the question of which country is the safest for living. It all depends on the safety criteria that are important to each individual.

However, there are several countries that stand out due to favorable indicators in various aspects of safety, stability, and a high quality of life.

In addition to this, these countries also offer opportunities for obtaining residency permits (residence permits) or citizenship, making them attractive for potential immigrants.





Switzerland is renowned for its economic stability, wealth, and is considered one of the safest places to live and visit in the world.

The country is among the wealthiest nations with a high standard of living. A stable economy, a reliable banking system, and developed infrastructure make it attractive for both living and conducting business.

Switzerland provides access to high-quality education and healthcare services. The country is known for its prestigious universities, research centers, and medical institutions.

Breathtaking natural landscapes and cultural heritage make Switzerland a unique destination. Mountain peaks, picturesque lakes, and fresh air create ideal conditions for an active lifestyle.

All these factors make Switzerland one of the most attractive places to live globally.

Switzerland consists of 26 cantons, each with its own requirements and procedures for obtaining residency permits. Within three months, anyone planning to stay in the country must obtain a work and/or residence permit and officially register with Swiss government authorities.

Switzerland operates a dual system for issuing residency permits: one for citizens of the European Union and another for citizens of third countries.





Austria ranks fourth among the safest countries in the world, attributed to a unique combination of factors, including low crime rates and a robust economy. The country is known for its advanced social protection, quality education, healthcare, as well as stunning natural landscapes and architecture.

The advantages of living in Austria also encompass a high level of infrastructure and services, ensuring comfort and convenience in daily life. The cultural scene in Austria is rich and diverse, with numerous museums, theaters, and festivals offering entertainment for every taste and interest.

Various pathways exist for obtaining residency permits in Austria for foreigners, including employment in a local company (requiring an official job offer from an Austrian employer and meeting specific criteria), establishing or investing in a business in Austria, and residency permits for financially independent individuals.

Overall, life in Austria offers a combination of high quality of life, safety, cultural richness, and natural beauty, making it one of the attractive places to live in Europe.





Cyprus is an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea and holds a leading position among the safest countries with a population of less than 5 million. Cyprus is also one of the countries with the lowest air pollution levels in the European Union.

Additionally, Cyprus is known for its developed economic sectors, including tourism, finance, real estate, shipbuilding, and other services. The island’s strategic geographical location makes it a significant center for trade and commerce.

Life in Cyprus offers a high standard of living, access to healthcare and education, as well as numerous business and investment opportunities due to favorable tax rates. The island attracts tourists and immigrants with its mild climate, pristine beaches, ancient history, culture, and an active lifestyle, including water sports, hiking, and more.

There is a variety of programs allowing individuals to obtain residency and citizenship in Cyprus. The most popular is the Cyprus Investment Program, providing the opportunity for indefinite residency for the entire family. Other programs target financially independent foreigners, entrepreneurs, and company owners. Additionally, there are programs for digital nomads and professionals seeking to work in international companies. These programs offer flexible conditions for various categories of people interested in living and working on this attractive island in the Mediterranean.

Overall, Cyprus represents an appealing destination for those seeking safety, comfort, and opportunities for personal and professional development with the added benefit of tax minimization.





Portugal is not only an incredibly picturesque country with a pleasant climate and a relaxed atmosphere but also one of the safest corners for travel in the world. According to the Global Peace Index (GPI), Portugal ranks sixth overall and fourth among European Union countries in terms of safety.

Portugal is characterized by a long history of peaceful relations with its neighbors and more than two centuries without major involvement in significant military conflicts.

The advantages of living in Portugal also include access to quality healthcare and education, as well as diverse cultural and entertainment activities. The country is renowned for its rich heritage and history, along with a superb cuisine featuring exquisite dishes and wines.

Portugal is also appealing for its variety of natural landscapes, including the beaches of the Atlantic coast, mountain ranges, and green valleys, making it a beautiful place for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

There are various ways to obtain residency in Portugal, such as residence permits for financially independent foreigners, visas for entrepreneurs, the Golden Visa program tied to investments, and visas for digital nomads. These programs typically offer the opportunity to obtain citizenship and a passport in just five years and may have favorable tax conditions, making them attractive to potential immigrants.

Safety, natural diversity, a stable economy, and access to infrastructure make Portugal an attractive place to live.





Greece is a country with a rich history, beautiful landscapes, and a unique culture that attracts numerous tourists and potential residents. The overall safety level in Greece is considered quite high, especially in tourist regions and cities.

The benefits of living in Greece include a delightful climate with mild winters and hot summer months, making it appealing to sun and sea enthusiasts. Located on the shores of the Aegean and Ionian Seas, Greece offers stunning beaches and opportunities for water sports.

Moreover, Greece is known for its rich culture and historical heritage, including ancient monuments, archaeological finds, and traditional festivals. Life in Greece provides the opportunity to immerse oneself in a unique atmosphere and become part of this culturally rich heritage.

It’s also worth noting that Greece offers excellent travel opportunities and exploration of new places. Positioned in the center of the Mediterranean, it’s easy to reach other interesting countries and islands.

There are several programs for obtaining residency permits (residence permits) or permanent residency (PR) in Greece, opening doors for immigrants looking to settle in the country. Such programs include opportunities for financially independent foreigners, investors, and entrepreneurs, as well as those willing to purchase real estate under the “Golden Visa” program. Additionally, there are special programs for digital nomads in Greece.


How to Emigrate to the Safest Country for Residence?


It is important to consider that each country has its own peculiarities and unique characteristics. When choosing a place to live, it is necessary to take into account not only the level of safety but also other factors such as economic prospects, cultural atmosphere, climate conditions, as well as the availability of education and healthcare. Ultimately, the safest country for residence will depend on the individual preferences, needs, and circumstances of each person.

Over the past year, countries such as Cyprus, Portugal, and Greece have gained the highest popularity. This is due to the fact that they offer a warm climate, more affordable expenses (compared to Switzerland and Austria), as well as tax benefits and the opportunity to minimize personal and corporate taxes. Additionally, these countries have numerous residency programs for the whole family, and the possibility to obtain European Union citizenship in just 5 years (in Portugal and Cyprus).

Favorable conditions for investment and business development make them attractive not only for vacationers but also for entrepreneurs seeking new opportunities within Europe.


Feel free to reach out to us, and our team of specialists will provide comprehensive support and consultations on all aspects of relocation, investment, and business development in these attractive countries! We will assist you in choosing the optimal strategy and provide support at every stage of obtaining immigration status!



If you have any questions in any of the directions, please contact us.


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