Work visas: EU Blue Card, EU and US Green Card

Feod Group was founded in 1992 in Ukraine and since 2005 consists of a group of companies and was joined by a British based company, ‘Business & Immigration Consultants Ltd’ with offices in London (UK). Feod Group has operating offices In Ukraine, UK, and USA. This is a big advantage as it increases the operativeness, efficiency and quality of our services provided in all the sectors: law (including immigration law) , property, accounting, taxation, banking, financial services, business development, international consultancy, management, corporate services and trust management. Feod Group deals with all European countries, USA, Canada and Australia.

One of the main areas of activities of the Legal Department is providing services in various aspects of immigration law. We will provide you with the highest level of services from qualified Ukrainian, British, Italian, US, Canadian and other international professionals.

The immigration system is complex. It measures applicants against various criteria designed to assess their eligibility for the granting of a visa. Both you and your employer in an overseas country will have to address many questions. Your application consists not only of your personal documents but mainly of the documents of your employer. To receive a work permit for you, your prospective employer has to satisfy certain immigration rules. We recommend using our professional consultations where a solicitor will provide you with information on the relevant paragraphs of the immigration rules and full explanation on them. You personal circumstances will be evaluated. You will receive professional advice on the best and most successful solution to your problem.

If you seek employment overseas on the basis of a Work Permit or Intra-company transfer you have to satisfy the main criteria which are the same for all countries:

On your behalf Feod Group legal experts and immigration specialists will deal with your prospective employer to help him/her obtain the permission to employ international staff and to prove the employer was not able to find a suitable candidate for this position elsewhere in his own country or the EU.

Under certain circumstances these visas can lead to the status of permanent residency and gradually to the citizenship.

The European Union Blue Card allows entry of highly skilled migrants to work in an EU Country. It is an EU-wide work permit scheme allowing highly-skilled non-EU citizens the right to work and live theoretically in any of the EU countries apart from Denmark, Ireland, Czech Republic and the UK. These countries have their own schemes for highly skilled workers.

In order to be eligible to apply for a Blue Card, you must have the following:

EU Green Card applies to Denmark, Ireland and Czech Republic.

US Green Card applies to the USA and includes highly skilled and professional workers.

To obtain more information please request a professional consultation.

Blue Cards and Green Cards holders can subsequently receive citizenship in one of the overseas countries.

The whole procedure starts with the preparation of necessary documents and information long before you lodge your visa application.

Feod Group will provide you with a full range of services:

We are happy to answer your questions by telephone, Skype, email or personal consultation at our offices.

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