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Visit visas: tourism, business trip, education

Feod Group was founded in 1992 in Ukraine and since 2005 was joined by British based company, ‘Business & Immigration Consultants Ltd’ with offices in London (UK). Feod Group has operating offices In Ukraine, the UK, Cyprus, Italy, Malta and the USA. This increases the operativeness, efficiency and quality of our services provided in all our business sectors: law (including immigration law), property, accounting, taxation, banking, financial services, business development, international consultancy, management, corporate services and trust management. Feod Group deals with all European countries, USA, Canada and Australia.

One of the main areas of activities of the Legal Department is providing services in various aspects of immigration law. We will provide you with the highest level of services from qualified Ukrainian, British, Italian, US, Canadian and other international professionals.

If you decide to travel overseas it is essential to establish what type of visa or other permissions is required to enter the country you have chosen. This is one of the summands of your visa application to be a success.

The process of the preparation of your visa application can be daunting. Every minor detail of the immigration rules and your personal circumstances has to be considered. It is always advisable to start the preparation for your visa application with professional advice. We can offer you a consultation with an international lawyer to explain you relevant paragraphs of the immigration rules, analyze your personal situation, evaluate your chances and provide you with the correct professional advice.

If you want to visit a particular country as a tourist or to stay with friends you should apply for a visitor visa. Some of the requirements are different with different countries but the main criteria are the same:

To enter any country as a family visitor, you must be able to show that you will be visiting the following family members: spouses, civil partners, common-law spouses; parents, grandparents and their spouses; children and grandchildren and their spouses; brothers or sisters and their spouses and children. The definition for relatives in some countries includes more distant relatives.

Please note that to qualify for this type of visa you have to have relatives settled in the country you are going to visit and be either citizens of the country or have a legal residence permit to this country.

The business visitor category is for individuals wishing to do business overseas for a short time. This includes those visiting seminars and conferences, all kinds of shows and fairs, business negotiations and presentations; academic visitors, visiting professors, overseas news media representatives and film crews on location. This type of visa also applies to those coming for a short time to take part in some major arts festivals, music competitions and charity events (though in some of the countries there are certain types of visa provided for these categories of visitors). However if you want to carry out certain work activities or receive training you should apply for a different type of visa. Please see the corresponding pages of our web site.

Student visitors visas are for adults and children who want to study a short course overseas and will not work while they are there. However if you intend to study long-term you should apply for a proper type of Student visa. Please see the relevant pages of our web site.

Some of the countries provide special visitors visas for those aiming to get married or register civil partnership on the territory of overseas country. However if you wish to stay to live in the country after marriage or civil partnership ceremony you have to apply for a settlement visa. Please see the corresponding pages of our web site.

Some of the countries provide Visitor-in-transit visas for those who intend to transit the country (usually issued for the period of up to 48 hours) and have a necessary visa and flight itinerary to the country of onwards destination.

Please note that according to the immigration law of the majority of the countries you cannot change the conditions of your stay in the country provided by the initial visa or an Immigration Officer at the port of entry.

Feod Group has wide experience in working on all the visitor’s visa categories. Our clients receive full professional support during all documents preparation and, if needed, preparation for the personal visa interview. We work with complicated applications after visa refusals and bars of entry.

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