Where to immigrate based on the ranking of safest countries in the world in 2019

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One of the main criteria when choosing a country for immigration is the quality of life. This is the ratio of income and cost of living, safety, medical care and education.

Every year, Global Finance  experts rank the safest countries in the world.

The ranking takes into account the level of threat to the lives of citizens (the presence of military conflicts or the risk of their occurrence, the likelihood of natural disasters) and the level of economic development of the country.

In the ranking of the safest countries of the world in 2019, the highest positions are occupied mainly by European countries with a developed economy and health care system. The top five safest countries are Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Portugal and Austria.

Of the entire list of countries in the 2019 ranking (128 countries), we decided to highlight the countries that are in demand for immigration among the clients of the Feod Group  and their immigration programs (most in demand in recent years): 


Position in ranking 2019CountryImmigration Programs
4th placePortugalResidence permit on D7 visa for financially independent foreigners;

Residence permit for investors (Golden Visa)

5th place

AustriaResidence permit for financially independent foreigners
15th placeSpainResidence permit for financially independent foreigners;

Residence permit for entrepreneurs and investors (Golden Visa)

20th placeGermanyResidence permit for entrepreneurs;

Blue card EU (EU Blue Card)

32nd placeCyprusResidence permit for financially independent foreigners;

Cyprus tax resident;

Permanent residence for property owners;

Cyprus Citizenship for Investment

36th placeFranceLong-term visitor visa (residence permit for financially independent foreigners);

Long-term visa Passport-talent

38th placeUKEntrepreneur Visa – Tier 1 (Entrepreneur);

Investor Visa – Tier 1 (Investor)

40th placeItalyResidence permit for financially independent foreigners / Residenza elettiva;

Residence permit for the introduction of independent activities (lavoro autonomo);

Investor visa;

57th placeGreeceResidence permit for independent economic activities;

Residence permit for financially independent foreigners;

65th placeUSAResidence permit for investor (Treaty Investor / E-2) ;

Permanent residence for an investor on a visa E5 / EB-5


After reviewing the rating, taking into account the opinion of Global Finance experts, we want to focus your attention on the immigration possibilities of a country that is in the TOP-5 rating, namely Portugal

After all, Portugal, in contrast to many of the countries represented in the list, provides the possibility of obtaining a residence permit for the whole family without investment and buying real estate.

Portuguese residence permit for financially independent foreigners – allows you to live in Portugal more than 90 days a year and is intended for applicants with independent work activities whose income per month is at least 580 euros per adult family member.

For a family of two adults and a child the minimum amount of income for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal should be from 1334 € per month.

In addition to the safety, Portugal is famous for its excellent education (including English schools) and a high level of health care (12th place in the World Health Organization ranking according to the World Health Report 2019).

Read about the program conditions and our services in Portugal here » 

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the company includes Portuguese lawyer Vasco Cardoso, who provides our clients with a full range of immigration services in Portugal.

Since 1992, Feod Group has been providing a wide range of international legal and business services in many countries around the world.

We will select for you an immigration program or citizenship for investment, we will carry out registration and will provide full support in your chosen country.

For a detailed discussion of your situation and professional assistance in immigration planning – sign up for a meeting with the Directors of Feod Group. 

If you are in Ukraine, to arrange a meeting, call us:

+38 044 383 90 30

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If you are abroad – you can contact us by email ([email protected]) or by Skype (feodgroup)

Confidentiality and the protection of your interests are the main principles of the work of the Feod Group.

Contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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