Immigration and visa

Since 1992 Feod Group established themselves as specialists in the area of immigration/emigration and all categories of temporary and permanent residency status for the E.U. Countries, U.S.A., Ukraine and other...

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Citizenship by investment

Some countries have provisions in law that allow wealthy individuals to obtain citizenship on the basis of investment, however ...

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Education Abroad

Since 1992 Feod Group specializes on different courses and educational programmes abroad. We provide enrolment to language schools, boarding schools, colleges and universities worldwide...

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Our experts
Elena Georghiou
Founder and Managing Director
  • migration planning;
  • consultation on obtaining alternative (second citizenship);
  • obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits, citizenship in the EU;
  • preparation of appeals, work with complex immigration cases.
George Georghiou
Managing Director
United Kingdom
  • investment in real estate around the world;
  • obtaining citizenship of the selected country for investment;
  • representing clients in commercial and government entities abroad;
  • business organisation and management abroad.
Tetyana Lementarova
Managing Partner
  • planning an academic career abroad;
  • organisation of new business abroad and purchase of ready business;
  • obtaining immigration status;
  • selection of investment projects.
William Slattery
Managing Рartner
  • obtaining of immigrant and non immigrant visas;
  • changing immigration status inside USA;
  • renewal of immigration status;
  • working with complex cases and with visa denial.
Chryso Christofidou
Managing Director
  • Corporate Law
  • Corporate and tax Structuring/Re-structuring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Administration of Legal Entities, Trusts and Foundations
  • Due Diligence/Compliance
  • AML procedures
Christopher Pelentrides
United Kingdom
  • all aspects of immigration and nationality law;
  • сivil and сriminal litigation;
  • immigration appeals.
Dr.Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
  • Malta Residence & Citizenship by investment programme;
  • buying property in Malta;
  • trusts, foundations, Malta company formation;
  • tax planning: Malta double tax treaties, participation exemption;
  • hedge funds, Forex, investment services, binary options;
  • IP law;
  • aircraft & yacht solutions;
  • shipping;
  • regulated internet gambling &diigital gaming.
Peter Petrou
United Kingdom
  • business organisation in the European Union and the Middle-East;
  • support purchase transactions of property in the United Kingdom;
  • representation of clients in the courts of the United Kingdom;
  • corporate customer service.
Daniele Papone
  • immigration, civil and corporate law in Italy;
  • insurance and taxation;
  • real estate;
  • court litigation in Italy.
Jerome Da Ros
  • real estate investments;
  • mergers and acquisitions,contracts and partnerships;
  • litigation;
  • immigration.
Vasco Miguel Barros Leal Cardoso
  • Immigration;
  • International Law;
  • International Arbitrage;
  • Commercial Litigation;
  • Civil Litigation;
  • International Consultancy;
  • International Relationships;
  • International Contracts Negotiation.
Stefan Toffol
  • registration and restructuring of companies, holdings, SPVs;
  • administration, audit in accordance with the laws of Switzerland, ICS;
  • sale and purchase of companies, liquidation of companies;
  • corporate evaluation.
Rimma Dontsova
Senior Adviser
Visas and Immigration
  • immigrant and non-immigrant visa applications;
  • preparation of documents for submission for visa after visa refusal;
  • preparation of appeals.
Anastasia Taran
Legal Adviser
  • family and corporate immigration solutions.
  • establishing a business in Europe.
  • personal and corporate taxation in Europe.
  • opening accounts in European banks.
  • obtaining a tax resident status.
Inna Marchenko
VIP Client Manager
Visas and Education Abroad
  • development of an individual educational plan;
  • visa and immigration support for Europe, Canada, and the USA;
  • enrollment to schools and universities worldwide;
  • extension and/or change of immigration status.

At Feod Group each and every client is unique as they have varied and different goals and expectations.

Our strength is the wealth of experience we have obtained over more than 20 years and assisting you with achieving your expectations is our objective.
Trained professional staffs in all of our departments are ready to dedicate their expertise to providing you with the highest level of services in a friendly and comfortable business environment.

Your first consultation with us allows us to identify all aspects of your personal and business needs allowing us to provide you with solid affordable solutions.

Why to choose Feod Group:

• We have been working in the field of legal and business consulting for more than 25 years;

• Geopolitical services internationally: European countries and United Kingdom , USA, Canada, Ukraine and other countries of the world;

• In-house British, American and European lawyers and high level specialists with substantive work experience;

• Over the years we have gained a high reputation both in Ukraine and abroad;

• We put the client’s interests first, protecting the client’s privacy and access to any information;

• A large range of services within the same group of companies: immigration, real estate, business and tax planning, education abroad and other related services;

• We are flexible in financial policy, as we work without intermediaries.

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